Welcome to Geneva, N.Y.

However you make your way to Geneva, N.Y., Seneca Lake and its stunning natural beauty will quickly welcome you upon arrival. This, the largest of the Finger Lakes, is visible along highways and hillsides from all directions leading here, as well as from much of downtown. Geneva is the heart of the Finger Lakes.

Once here, you’ll find Geneva feels much like a small town where whatever you need is close at hand and everyone passes with a smile. It is, however, a vibrant and evolving city with diverse foods, languages, cultures, arts, shopping, educational opportunities and businesses. Our downtown offers something for everyone, including: a wide and growing selection of restaurants; a variety of shops and businesses; celebrations of film, theatre, music and dance; a large playground by the lake and an indoor play center.

This is what we call, “Uniquely Urban.” Experience it for yourself; there’s no other city quite like Geneva.


Colton Exhibit

"Catching the Light" Photo Exhibit

July 22, 2014 to October 17, 2014

Exhibition of photos from the Finger Lakes and places traveled....

Mark Gramling and B Side Acoustic R&B

July 30, 2014

Mark Gramling and B Side Acoustic R&B at Ventosa Vineyards....

Sketch Crawl at the Lakefront Park

July 30, 2014

Drawing with folks who like to draw.


HWS Features Geneva in Pictures

A photo review of Downtown Geneva.

July 29, 2014

The Smith Celebrates Cool

The Smith Opera House

The historic Smith Opera House celebrates modern air conditioning!

June 26, 2014

Explore History in and Around Geneva

Exchange Street

Geneva is centrally located to numerous historic and cultural attractions.

June 11, 2014